Cool Tiger Cold Brew

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Developed in a collaboration between Novo Coffee and Tiger Keg, the cold brew pods are a scaled down version of the award winning cold brew recipe sold on tap in Novo Coffee shops across Denver, Colorado.

Every order contains 2 jars of Cool Tiger Cold Brew. A single jar makes 48 oz of cold brew. 

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Nothing beats cold brew made from fresh roasted beans, but making fresh cold brew from scratch can be a huge pain and buying premade cold brew that's been sitting on a shelf or in an Amazon warehouse for months is well... Okay. We noticed this problem and wanted a better option for cold brew that we could offer to our Tiger Keg customers, or to anyone looking for a better way to buy cold brew. To fix this problem, we needed to come up with a cold brew product that checked off three essential boxes:
Quality, convenience, and cost.

Inside each cold brew pod is Novo Coffee's famous Espresso Novo blend, with origins spanning from Ethiopia to Panama and Colombia. The coffee is roasted weekly at Novo's Denver roastery using their vintage Vittoria roasting machine that’s powered by a modified Ferrari motor. The blend is so good, that in 2018 Novo won America’s Best Nitro Cold Brew using the same blend. Oh, and every order shipped is roasted, ground, packaged and delivered in less than a week.

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