Trouble Shooting, Cleaning Instructions and Care Guide

PDF Instruction Manual: Tiger Keg Instruction PDF 

Trouble Shooting

1) Leaking connections

  • Faucet body leakage:
    • Using the included tool, tighten the the four hole nut connecting the faucet body to the spear.
  • Spear cross-bar leakage: 
    • Using the included tool, tighten the nut under spear body. 
      • Located where the hose connects to the spear body.
  • Tap handle leakage: 
    • Tighten the tap lock connector using fingers.
  • Stout faucet tip leakage: 
    • Tighten the stout faucet tip on to the faucet body using fingers.
    • Replace stout tip o-ring (replacements included in o-ring assortment)

2) Leaking from the stout faucet tip after pouring 

  • Tap your glass on the edge of the stout faucet tip after you've closed the tap handle or lightly shake the keg forward to get the remaining coffee to flow out of the tip.
    • After you close the tap handle there is still excess foam in stout faucet tip and there is no pressure from the keg (because the tap is closed) to force the remaining foam out of the stout faucet tip. Once the foam starts to settle, it then leaks out of the end of the faucet tip. This occurs with most tapping systems, especially nitro taps with a stout spigot. The keg itself isn't actually leaking, it's a matter of getting all of the foam out of the faucet tip after you've closed the tap.

3) No foaming head or no cascading

  • Mini keg is overfilled.
    • We recommend filling the keg with 40 - 48 ounces of liquid beverage. 
    • Not all beverages will pour the same when they are nitrogenated. The more experience you get using the keg, the better you will be able to judge how much fluid to add to the keg to get the best pour possible.

4) High pitched whistle when tightening the cartridge holder containing the N2O onto the keg spear.

  • Tighten the cartridge holder in a quick and smooth motion.
    • When the cartridge is tightened slowly, the tip of the N20 charge is being punctured slowly. This results in the N20 being slowly released into the keg and it can make a high pitched whistling noise. Please be aware that there is nothing wrong with your keg and no harm is being done to the keg. We only want you to be aware of why/how this happens and not to worry should you hear it. All of the N20 will still make it inside the keg and the end result with the beverage will be the same.

5) Gas escaping through the pressure relief valve when tightening the N2O onto the keg spear.

  • The mini keg is overfilled.
    • Should you overfill the keg, you will notice that some of the N20 will be released through the pressure release valve. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be alarmed by. There needs to be enough empty space in the keg for the N20 and the beverage to mix.

6) No liquid flowing when opening the tap handle.

  • There is a small particle clogging the tapping system. 
    • First, when the tap handle is closed, unscrew the stout faucet tip and test to see if liquid flows out the faucet when the stout tip is removed. If liquid flows out of the faucet after the stout tip is removed, then the stout tip is clogged. Clean out the stout tip and then screw back on to the faucet. This can be done while the keg is still pressurized, as long as the tap handle is closed. 
    • If nothing flows out of the faucet when the stout tip is removed, then it means the spear is clogged. Pull the pressure release valve, located on the top of the spear, to release the gas inside the keg. Next remove the tapping system from the mini keg and rinse thoroughly with water to dislodge any small particles or chunks that may be blocking the flow of the liquid. 

 7) Spear cross-bar feels lose (moves side to side when tightening spear onto mini keg). 

  • Using the included tool, tighten the nut under spear body. 
    • Located where the hose connects to the spear body.

Cleaning Instructions

Mini Keg

Fill the mini keg with warm soapy water and scrub the inside of the mini keg with the large cleaning brush. Rinse. Turn upside down to air dry. 

Do not wash in dishwasher.


Tapping System

Remove the hose from the keg spear and run hot water through the hose and through the tip of the stout faucet with the tap handle in the open position. If contents have dried soak in warm soapy water and then rinse using the same rinsing method.

If desired, disassemble the keg spear and scrub the inside with the small cleaning brush and clean with warm soapy water.

Do not wash in dishwasher.


Care Guide

  • Make sure inside of mini keg is completely dried before storing with cap or tapping system attached.
  • Do not microwave or freeze.
  • Always hand wash mini keg and tapping system.
  • Not designed for hot liquids, nonfood, or highly acidic materials.
  • Use for conditioning or fermenting at own risk.